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Freezing Point32 - Forum park set up ideas

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park set up ideas (Read 2220 times)
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park set up ideas
Feb 16th, 2007, 11:19am
Lets filter our suggetions for a set up for this spring in here. I know tom isn't on here much but if we can all put our heads together and try to come up with a killer idea, maybe we can get that to tom and have that set up for when the temps warm up and the season draws closed. That park might be good for the PFC.
my idea, from top to bottom
move the rainbow to the woods, add a jump where the rollers are. in the area where the s rail is put a jump up there. i like the s rail keep that there or make two c's either way, move the small double barrell out to adels, it is way to small for the size of the take off. instead put the cbox there and replace the c box with a jump. switch the middle small jump line with the rail line. take out the battle ship. Going down the middle, first up top put the focus box, next the kinky pinky, then the huge strait rail. near the bottom where there seems to be this huge empty spot put in the channell again. but put the box top rail in between them. i like the hip. turn the quarter pipe 90 degrees so it is open to the park. and the back faces the race course. that opens the exit to both sides of the hip. bring out the bus!!!!! and put it right at the bottom again so people can see you fall and break your ass. i say put it at the same spot it was last year.
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Re: park set up ideas
Reply #1 - Feb 20th, 2007, 11:38am
i actually liek that idea alot.
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im sorry for being a dick on here.
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